Welcome To My Studio
In most types of businesses its location, location, location. In the music business however, we in the studio recording business believe it experience, experience, experience. I have 45 years of recording experience, 31 years in Nashville, 10 years in Oregon and Washington and 4 years in California. I feel honored and blessed to have such a great life doing what I love the most, playing guitar, engineering and producing music. Its such a wonderful experience and an honor when someone comes to us and asks us to help fulfill their dream. I might be a little selfish because I get almost as much out of their dream as they do. But it's been going on for more than 45 years and I don't intend to stop. Thanks for making my life so good by sharing part of your life with me. Keep dreaming.

Listen To The Sound Inside Your Head
Do you wonder if you're good enough?   Try this!   Sing along with your favorite song and listen to the sound inside your head.   That's the raw sound of your voice, not the vocally enhanced and mastered sound of who you're singing along with.   Believe me, if you like the sound of your voice inside your head, you're going to love the sound of your voice in a studio.

Is It Beyond Your Reach Or Beyond Your Resolve
If you're just another dreamer, go back to sleep.   If you want to live the dream, it starts with believing in yourself and not letting anyone stomp on your dream.

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